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New Clinicians Join Our Practice

Kitty Lenhart, Nutritionist

Kitty Lenhart, MEd, RDN, is a recognized nutrition and health expert in weight management, and wellness promotion. Her experience is varied having lived and worked in Japan as the initiating Clinical Dietitian of Life Enrichment Program which served as the foundation for the US Army wellness initiative. Her work in public health in North Carolina and more recently in Solano and Contra Costa Counties gave her insight into how to transform wellness theories into practice within a variety of community settings. Through her experience as a Clinical Dietitian with John Muir Health Weight Management Program, she has observed that nutrition is completely individualized and that there is no one size fits all approach to eating habits. Her unique career experience, coupled with listening to each client’s specific needs, allows her to bring a fresh and innovative approach to each coaching session, creating individualized food and exercise plans. Kitty has great enthusiasm for her work and is passionate about helping individuals improve their overall health

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Comprehensive Wellness is pleased to announce its newly formed collaboration with Laura Benn, President and Founder of Guided HealthCARE, a Nursing corporation. Guided HealthCARE (GHC) will provide clinical-based nurse care coordination/case management services for Comprehensive Wellness patients, their families and their clinical team(s), throughout the Bay Area.  As patients navigate the healthcare system, those with acute, chronic and complex medical conditions such as dementia of various types, cardiovascular disease, neuro-degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, cancer, traumatic brain or physical injuries and other chronic illnesses can find support through GHC. GHC manages many aspects of patient care including medication management, office visit coaching, working closely with the medical team and family to help streamline patient care, through the continuum of life including palliative care and hospice. GHC works with patients in all environments including home, hospital, skilled nursing facilities, board and care, assisted living and wherever the patient resides. Utilizing a holistic Nursing model to enhance quality of life, GHC helps prevent unnecessary hospital re-admissions, strengthens communication, provides patient/family education, offers comprehensive resources in the community and improves overall patient outcomes while providing support throughout the life span.

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