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Our Patients
Are Our Practice

Our practice is built upon nuturing
strong provider-patient relationships.

Comprehensive Wellness is a medical practice based on relationships with patients, where providers and patients work together to create individualized plans of care. We are committed to providing evidence-based modern medicine coupled with old-fashioned personalized care. But don’t just take our word for it—read what our patients have to say.

Feeling heard

At least for me, it has been very rare these days to have a health care professional really sit & listen to my health needs & not make you feel like it’s all in your head. Dr. Parish spent time with me talking about not only my health but was interested in what was going on with me. I so value what that did for my state of mind &… Read more “Feeling heard”

Christine H.
Clayton, CA
June 14, 2020


Thank you for giving comfort during this emotional time in everyone’s life. Staying connected and getting correct information by a professional is what makes us go on with life . Grateful for your… Read more “Gratitude”

Martinez , CA
June 4, 2020

The Best…!

Dr. Parish has been my primary physician for many years. I value her fresh proactive preventative approach to medicine. I trust her knowledge and judgement . She is a joy to work with and her staff is always friendly and… Read more “The Best…!”

Chris L.
Pleasant Hill, CA
June 27, 2019

Dr. Parish makes her patients feel heard and important. She never makes her patients feel rushed, and always maintains a very friendly manner with her… Read more “”

UCSF Medical Student
Orinda, CA
March 5, 2019

I love Dr. Parish! I was a patient of hers when she was at a John Muir facility and followed her to Comprehensive Wellness. She listens and is very good at explaining things. She got me on a better health plan and as a result of her care, I lost 60 pounds. She is always warm and welcoming. I have moved out of the area and still travel into town… Read more “”

Walnut Creek, CA
May 29, 2018

I woke up with shooting

I woke up with shooting pain down my right leg and barely able to walk. I called CW and was told to come see Dr. Parish within the hour. She diagnosed my issue, provided pain relief, had me see physical therapists within minutes. Dr. Parish is thorough, decisive, efficient, and effective. Highly… Read more “I woke up with shooting”

Suzie P.
Orinda, CA
October 26, 2018

My physician for many years

Dr. Parish has been my physician for many years. She is a compassionate, thoughtful, and a dedicated physician. I feel very fortunate to have her as my doctor. She listens and connects with her patients. Any concerns that I may have, she patiently goes over and eases my… Read more “My physician for many years”

Sylvia C
Walnut Creek, CA
March 28, 2019

Dr. Parish is AMAZING!!!

Dr. Parish is the best doctor I have ever seen. She is so knowledgeable, and she takes her time with her patients! I am so grateful to have such an amazing… Read more “Dr. Parish is AMAZING!!!”

Susan W.
Lafayette, CA
June 5, 2019

This is the best practice in the universe!

Dr. Parish is a kind and compassionate person who truly cares for her patients. And her clinical skills are the best I’ve seen! She keeps up with the latest technologies and medications to better serve her… Read more “This is the best practice in the universe!”

Nina T
San Francisco CA
October 16, 2019

Dr. Parish clearly communicates with patients in a sensitive and effective manner, and develops a special connection with her… Read more “”

UCSF Medical Student
Orinda, CA
February 5, 2019

Feels Like Home

Comprehensive Wellness offices are so comfortable, it feels like you’re at home. Staff is very personable and welcoming. Dr.Parish is a treasure with a wealth of caring, experience, curiosity, and ideas for wellness. We are truly in good hands in her… Read more “Feels Like Home”

J. H.
Walnut Creek, CA
June 23, 2019

I love my doctor!

Every time I talk to Dr. Parish, I feel like she loves me and cares about me and is going to help me get… Read more “I love my doctor!”

Lafayette, CA
May 18, 2020

Incredible resource

Dr. Parish helped my father when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was not only very helpful with coordinating his referrals to different specialists, she was also extremely patient in explaining all aspects of his disease and treatment. Additionally, she was an incredible resource for my family and I, as we went through this with my dad. He was, and we continue to be, grateful for all of her… Read more “Incredible resource”

Walnut Creek, CA
June 28, 2017

Dr. Parish first saw me for back pain. It turns out, my back was fractured. Dr. Parish   And her team worked with my insurance company to approve an MRI. Once the results were in hand, She was able to get me in with the Orthopedic Surgeon in her practice. I completed Physical Therapy with Kevin Takao. He is a miracle worker. I cannot say enough good things about my… Read more “”

Jen S.
Moraga, CA
September 28, 2017

Amazing Team

Amazing team of doctors and love to see how the practice keeps growing!  The location was so convenient for me and I didn’t feel like Dr. Parish was rushing me through to her next patient.  She really took the time to… Read more “Amazing Team”

Kerri R
Lafayette, CA
October 26, 2018


[Dr. Parish has a] delightfully upbeat personality combined with outstanding medical… Read more “Outstanding”

Diablo, Ca.
March 19, 2019

Dr. Parish has an amazing ability to make her patients feel… Read more “”

UCSF Medical Student
Orinda, CA
January 5, 2019

Feeling Secure

I live about 200 miles from Walnut Creek and Comprehensive Wellness. Though text and phone messages I have 24/7 coverage with Dr Parish. She has been fabulous with quick responses. When I do come in to the office, I receive the kindest treatment from all of the staff and other clinicians. Comprehensive Wellness allows me to live in the mountains and still get great medical care. In fact, better care… Read more “Feeling Secure”

Lisa A.
Arnold, CA
January 31, 2019

Everything you could want in a practice

Dr Parish and her staff are everything you could ever want in a practice and more! Dr Parish makes sure to give each patient individualized care, she was available to me on the weekend when I needed her most and she spent a lot of time with me during my appointment. I have been a patient of hers since 2009 and moved with her to Comprehensive Wellness and I’m so… Read more “Everything you could want in a practice”

Katie B.
Orinda, CA
June 10, 2017


My experience at Comprehensive Wellness was amazing. I was able to have multiple appointments all on the same day. I could take care of physical therapy, botox, SculpSure and my annual physical in one place! The combination of everyone’s caring bedside manner and professional expertise is… Read more “Amazing”

Sarah D.
Orinda, CA
October 26, 2018

Outstanding professionalism and delightful personality

The most thorough physician [Dr. Rebecca Parish] I have ever encountered, and in addition the most… Read more “Outstanding professionalism and delightful personality”

Leigh F
Diablo, CA
February 22, 2019

Was able to see me quickly

Dr Parish fit me in for unexpected medical issue for a very late afternoon appointment. During the appointment she took her time and we were able to formulate the beginning of a game plan to address and hopefully begin to solve my medical issue. She is knowledgeable. Very compassionate and really listens to your concerns. I know I am in good… Read more “Was able to see me quickly”

Dublin, CA
January 5, 2019

Amazing Educator

Dr. Parish is an amazing… Read more “Amazing Educator”

UCSF Medical Student
Orinda, CA
December 5, 2018

Timely & Professional

Excellent response to a minor… Read more “Timely & Professional”

Diablo, CA
March 31, 2020

Very thorough and professional

It is always so nice to have a doctor [Dr. Parish] who is both fully aware of my medical situation and who recommends things I can do to stay healthy. And, it is also nice to have a doctor who has such a pleasant… Read more “Very thorough and professional”

Leigh F
Diablo, Ca.
February 6, 2019

What a relief!

I’m releived to hear from Dr. Parish, that I’m not the only one worried about the future of healthcare. She’s been my primary care doc for 16 years and has now opened up her own wellness center, Comprehensive Wellness, (affiliated with John Muir Hospital). There she combines best practices of old fashioned patient services and acumen with modern medicine as well as including alternative modalities of healing (backed by her… Read more “What a relief!”

Lisa C.
Moraga, ca
December 2, 2018

Highly recommend

I reached out to Comprehensive Wellness because my husband and I were new to the area and we needed our annual physicals for the year. We were a little apprehensive about this new model of care- paying out of pocket for the office visit but in return having 24/7 access to the doctor, but several weeks after our annual exams I started having heart palpitations and chest pain out of… Read more “Highly recommend”

Lindsay F.
Manhattan, NY
May 21, 2017

Dr. Rebecca Parish is amazing

Dr.Rebecca Parish is an amazing physician. Dr. Parish is compassionate and caring about your concerns. She will listen, discuss options and involve you in your treatment plan. The office is really easy to reach and the response time is almost… Read more “Dr. Rebecca Parish is amazing”

Carol G.
December 22, 2018

The atmosphere of the office and friendliness of the staff – I felt they are eager to help us… Read more “”

Orinda, CA
March 7, 2020

I love Rebecca

This is so comforting in the world of today’s medicine. To be seen for as long and whenever needed, to have someone who knows and cares for you, to be really listened to, to have faith in my doctor. Everyone in the office is kind and… Read more “I love Rebecca”

Janey K.
Walnut Creek, CA
February 1, 2019

Dr Parish was very thorough

Dr Parish was very thorough and efficient. She explained my health situation and the treatment clearly. Tests in the office were done promptly and the prescription medications were ordered immediately. I was very very satisfied and comfortable with the entire process. Karl… Read more “Dr Parish was very thorough”

Karl N
San Francisco, CA
January 24, 2020

Finally, A Doctor That Listens!

Caring, knowledgeable, honest, thorough – [Dr. Parish] makes you feel… Read more “Finally, A Doctor That Listens!”

Walnut Creek, California
September 30, 2019

Timely & Professional

Nice follow up to check on progress under prescribed… Read more “Timely & Professional”

Diablo, CA
April 10, 2020

Amazing Clinician!

Dr. Parish is an all-around amazing… Read more “Amazing Clinician!”

UCSF Medical Student
Orinda, CA
November 5, 2018

Dr. Parish is different

Both times that I have met with Dr. Parish, I have been surprised and impressed by how carefully she listens to me, how interested she is in all aspects of my well-being and how she comes up with outside-the-box solutions for me to try. She is radically different than any doctor I have ever seen… Read more “Dr. Parish is different”

Virginia S.
Lafayette, CA
March 25, 2020

Great checkup

Dr Parish takes the time to know… Read more “Great checkup”

Walnut Creek, CA
December 17, 2019

My annual visit to Rebecca Parish.

My new buddy (the beautiful golden lab) hung out with me the whole time I was at the office. He loves to be massaged behind his ears and belly rubs, and listens to every word you tell him. He’s awesome. I also had a really good visit with Dr. Parish. She always answers all of the questions I might have, discusses the labs I got recently, and interprets the results… Read more “My annual visit to Rebecca Parish.”

Mike N.
Byron, CA
November 22, 2018

Dr. Parish has an excellent

Dr. Parish has an excellent bedside manner and expertise that has helped me improve my health issues – including high blood pressure, stress and erectile dysfunction. I highly recommend… Read more “Dr. Parish has an excellent”

Benjamin T.
Orinda, CA
October 26, 2018

Most incredible experience

By far the most incredible experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office. My elderly parents just moved here from Chicago and I have been searching for a doctor for them who could unravel all sorts of complicated health issues. I felt as if their doctors in Chicago were all working in silos, not talking to each other, with no one trying to coordinate and manage the care in the… Read more “Most incredible experience”

Anne O.
Moraga, CA
February 21, 2018

Another great annual check up!

Most people do not look forward to an Annual Check Up, but I do! Dr. Parish is professional, thorough, thoughtful and has the best smile! Through ups and downs with my family’s health, Dr. Parish has offered keen insight, great recommendations and fantastic care. We value her relationship and her… Read more “Another great annual check up!”

Kim S.
Lafayette, CA
December 9, 2018

Dr. Parish is more than

Dr. Parish is more than just an awesome Doctor she is truly a friend that cares about the whole family! LOVE this new practice and all the great talent that is in one place for whatever help you might… Read more “Dr. Parish is more than”

Jodi V.
Orinda, CA
October 26, 2018

Caring, personal and thorough

Dr. Parish gets to know her patients and shows that she cares very much about their treatment. She is thorough in her questions and examination and clearly wants to get to the bottom of what ails you. A specialist I was seeing recently asked me who my primary care physician was, and when I mentioned Dr. Parish, he remarked “She gets things… Read more “Caring, personal and thorough”

Teri H.
Alamo, CA
May 4, 2019

Best team all around

I am thankful to God for directing me to Dr. Parish and her team! From day one they listened to me and my needs and never brushed me off. Every person is through, kind and by far the best practice in the East… Read more “Best team all around”

Orinda, CA
April 23, 2019

Best physician ever!

Dr. Parish spends time and actually listens, which is so very important. She clearly cares and puts in time to come up with the best plan for… Read more “Best physician ever!”

Diane L.
Pacheco, CA
December 7, 2018

Best Medical Care Available

Comprehensive Wellness offers exceptional health care for anyone in need of primary care doctors, as well as other medical specialties…it is the total one stop multidisciplinary healthcare practice! All of the clinicians and staff at Comprehensive Wellness are top notch and give their patients the time and attention they deserve. My primary care physician is Dr. Rebecca Parish, she is an excellent Internal Medicine doctor and the founder of Comprehensive… Read more “Best Medical Care Available”

Maggie G
Orinda, CA
June 9, 2020

This practice is Amazing!

Every appointment with Dr. Parish and her team are amazing. They are all so sensitive and kind and knowledgeable and capable that you don’t want to leave. I wouldn’t be surprised if people come even if they don’t have to just to say hello to everyone – it’s that… Read more “This practice is Amazing!”

Beth D
Piedmont, CA
December 17, 2019

The best Dr. office out there

I have been a patient with Dr. Parish for over 10 years and have never had a Dr. care so much not just about my immediate health or issue at hand but for my overall person, as well as my family. I am so grateful for all the help and guidance she has given me through the years and everyone in her office is top notch in their area of… Read more “The best Dr. office out there”

Pam S.
Lafayette, CA
January 19, 2019

Amazing Care

It is rare in this world to receive someone’s undivided attention. I am grateful for the amazing attention and… Read more “Amazing Care”

September 20, 2019

Multiple visits recently and all were great

Came for a specific issue but expanded seamlessly into annual physical. Dr. Parish made time to complete everything saving additional trips. Needed to confer about medication and sent her email on Saturday night and had a response within hours. Love the practice and have a lot of respect for support staff as… Read more “Multiple visits recently and all were great”

Lauren D
Orinda, CA
March 18, 2019

Dr. Parish is great

Dr. Parish is great she really cares about her patients… best Doctor… Read more “Dr. Parish is great”

Walnut Creek, CA
January 12, 2019

At Comprehensive Wellness you receive comprehensive wellness care!

As is typical at Comprehensive Wellness, everyone is very friendly and very thorough. Each time I leave the office I go away feeling that I have received the best care possible. You will never leave your appointment wondering if something was missed or the “should I have” question. Instead you leave thinking “I didn’t even think about that issue or option”, but the staff at Comprehensive Wellness did and that… Read more “At Comprehensive Wellness you receive comprehensive wellness care!”

Steve R.
November 2, 2019

Thank you

I want to thank you (Deborah Castle, RN) from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to continue to remove Davids’s tattoos. He absolutely loved your office and staff. He had a lot of anxiety prior to the appointment and came back home exclaiming how everyone actually listened to him! The PicoSure laser treatment went very well. He felt empowered and supported… which is not often the case. I ( we)… Read more “Thank you”

Orinda, CA
May 19, 2022

From the minute I walked

From the minute I walked into Comprehensive Wellness, I knew I was in the right place! The front desk staff were so friendly and welcoming! Then, Dr. Parish and Dr. Seibert were such talented doctors with an excellent bedside manner. I had been having foot pain for months and a few weeks later I am ready to start running again! Thank you to the entire Comprehensive Wellness… Read more “From the minute I walked”

Bess I.
Walnut Cree, CA
October 26, 2018

Most thorough and professional in

Most thorough and professional in addition to being most engaging… Read more “Most thorough and professional in”

Orinda, CA
February 11, 2020

Office Follow up Visit

As usual I had a very comprehensive visit with Dr. Parish and her Staff. I always leave their offices feeling better than when I came in. Everyone is always very friendly while at the same time taking care of the task at… Read more “Office Follow up Visit”

Steven R
Lafayette, CA
November 23, 2019

Great as Always

I needed to get in quickly to have something looked at and got a quick response for a same day appointment [with Dr. Parish]. I really like the accessibility and personal approach. Never rushed and they excel at listening and understanding…. the diagnosis and follow through couldn’t be… Read more “Great as Always”

Chris L
Pleasant Hill, CA
November 15, 2018

Fast road to recovery

I’ve had a lot of sciatica pain for months. Dr Parish carefully reviewed my history and offered some anti-inflammatory treatments. She had me meet with a massage therapist and kinesiology expert on how to heal and have a good prevention program. All this in an hour and I’m feeling so much… Read more “Fast road to recovery”

Laurie A
Walnut Creek, CA
October 28, 2019

Best Dr. I’ve ever had

Dr. Parish is thorough; she considers all aspects of my health. I’ve been with her about 13 years and her diagnoses are always right on the money. What’s more I can tell that she really cares. Her staff is pleasant and competent and I had virtually no waiting. I am a 79 year old… Read more “Best Dr. I’ve ever had”

Walnut Creek, CA
January 24, 2019

Knight(ess) in Shining Armor

When you come to see your doctor for one thing, and she sees you are clearly upset, and she redirects you on the spot to a different caregiver in an entirely different specialty that you need to see more at that moment, that is the embodiment of what Comprehensive Wellness is all about. Treating the whole patient. It’s nothing short of magical, and it’s right here in Walnut Creek, offering… Read more “Knight(ess) in Shining Armor”

Walnut Creek, CA
August 27, 2019


Still unsure about laser treatment to improve your skin’s appearance? You can be sure with PicoSure. And this friendly patient-focused medical practice is the only one in Contra Costa County that has one.  Unlike other lasers, PicoSure gets results faster and with less heat. That means less damage to skin cells. So there’s little or no recovery time.While most lasers zap in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second), PicoSure uses… Read more “PicoSure”

Deborah B
Walnut Creek, CA
May 16, 2019

Dr.Parish is an amazing physician

Dr.Parish is an amazing physician who listens and works with you to set a plan with attainable goals. She looks at the total picture and not only discusses current health issues but preventative options as well. Her caring and compassionate nature is truly a gift and not always the case with all… Read more “Dr.Parish is an amazing physician”

Carol G.
Walnut Creek, CA
December 21, 2018

Love this practice

I can’t express enough how much I appreciate Dr Parish and Amber for always listening and making sure I am well taken care of. I am so thankful for the care they provide when no one else… Read more “Love this practice”

Bay Point Ca
February 26, 2020

Phone appointment

I appreciate Dr. Parish checking up on… Read more “Phone appointment”

Lafayette, CA
April 8, 2020

Personal – not rushed care

Listened, took her time, made me feel better about my situation- I was so worried I had not slept- I did that… Read more “Personal – not rushed care”

Lupe M.
November 4, 2018