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Most incredible experience

By far the most incredible experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office. My elderly parents just moved here from Chicago and I have been searching for a doctor for them who could unravel all sorts of complicated health issues. I felt as if their doctors in Chicago were all working in silos, not talking to each other, with no one trying to coordinate and manage the care in the middle. So there was no comprehensive understanding of their total health picture. As a result, my parents showed up to Comprehensive Wellness in very bad shape, especially my dad.

Dr. Parish spent a huge amount of time with each of my parents. She listened patiently and empathetically but asked all the right probing questions and had unique ideas on how to approach their medical issues. She created a plan that is sound and logical and communicated it very clearly and simply to my parents.

A unique aspect of this practice is that there are a bunch of doctors of various specialties and other clinicians (physical therapy, MFT, sports medicine, gynecology, etc) all in the same office. So you don’t have to necessarily leave to go see a specialist. They will try to get you into a specialist within the practice right then and there. Dr. Parish coordinated same-day physical therapy for my father as well as a consultation with the sports medicine doctor all right there in the same office. Both of those consultations were so instructive.

We left Comprehensive Wellness feeling like my parents were already on the road to better health. And completely relieved. Literally within a few hours. Moreover, the office staff there bent over backward to make us feel taken care of.  CW’s follow up and Dr. Parish’s commitment to serving as the hub of the wheel,  coordinating all my parents’ various health care needs and painting the “big picture” is so refreshing and took a huge load off of me. She is truly a health partner and I cannot say enough good words about her and the people in her office.