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Dr. Parish Talks to Healthcare Triangle About Covid-19 Vaccination Effort

Lafayette Covid Vaccination Effort

Healthcare Triangle, a group that is dedicated to working hard to improve the system and deliver the best outcomes for patients and consumers, interviews Dr. Rebecca Parish about the recent COVID-19 vaccination clinic. Watch to learn more about how a little bit of effort and a little bit of luck came together to spread the hope of a vaccine to hundreds of area seniors this weekend. The Covid-19 vaccination effort was a great success.


“I have to extend my appreciation for what you’ve been doing the past couple months…I think it’s cool what you’ve done. To catch everybody else up on it, Dr. Parish has basically gotten a little bit frustrated with how things have been rolling out as far as the Covid-19 Vaccine. She kind of took that on her own shoulders and found a better solution for her community and put together a vaccine clinic.” – Damian David


“I think that in any big system, healthcare is certainly no exception, it feels sometimes that the people making the decisions aren’t the ones that are actually boots on the ground, taking care of patients, and seeing how terrified they are and how vulnerable they feel. To your point, there’s a tendency to let perfect be the enemy of good, and there is no magic perfect formula to reach everyone who needs this vaccine, because so many people need it and we just need to start somewhere. I’m hopeful that some of the bureaucracy that I’ve dealt with up to this point will simplify and other communities will be able to do something similar, again we just need to start somewhere.” – Dr. Rebecca Parish