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Lafayette COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic an Overwhelming Success

We are so proud of our clinicians and the army of volunteers who put together a plan to administer the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to our local seniors. Dr. Rebecca Parish devoted significant time and passion to helping organize the Covid-19 vaccination drive.

Our first Lafayette Covid-19 vaccine drive-through clinic was held at Stanley Middle School this weekend, where over 500 seniors received vaccinations. Our first patient, age 78, told us, “One of the things I remember growing up in a small town was the sense of community. The clinic today reminded me of the warm dwelling of community in my early years. I can not believe that this came together in a week.”  Another couple in their 80’s were elated to finally get the vaccine and said, “It couldn’t be more perfectly orchestrated! What a spectacular day and a great relief!”

The Lafayette Covid-19 vaccine clinic event garnered national attention and received an abundance of coverage in the local television and radio media. A waiting/notification list has been started for all those who could not attend this weekend.

The medical community throughout the Bay Area has come together in an unprecedented way to implement this remarkable effort. Clinicians and medical staff from Bass Medical Group, Comprehensive Wellness, Guided Healthcare, John Muir Health, Kaiser, Lamorinda Pediatrics, Medical Anesthesia Consultants, One Medical, Orinda Medical Group, Sutter Health, and Stanford were represented.

Coordinating the logistics of such a feat have involved collaboration and coordination with the City of Lafayette, Lafayette Parks & Recreation Department, Lamorinda Spirit Van, Lafayette Police Department and Public Works, as well as local school personnel and hundreds of volunteers.

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