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Upcoming Workshop: Nutritional Wellness

By November 9, 2019June 9th, 2021Events, Health & Wellness

Join us next Wednesday, November 13, from 11:00-am-12:30pm for Nutritional Wellness with Sahar Berjis, RD!

The body is constantly challenged to heal itself. The goal of this workshop is to teach participants to learn to eat well so they can think well and feel well. This session will teach participants to become leaders of their own health and be empowered to learn to use food to heal and strengthen their own bodies. At the end of this session, participants should know the different foods to incorporate to eat well, think well, and feel well.

Cost: $100

Location: Victory Workspace – 1261 Locust Street, Walnut Creek CA 94596

Register today!

Register today!
Sahar Berjis, RD

Sahar Berjis is a licensed Registered Dietitian with 17 years of experience in traditional and functional nutrition. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, and earned her Dietetic License and Masters in Public Health from Tulane University.

She has been the key speaker at different universities and nutritional conferences including John Muir speaker series, NYU, Columbia, American Dietetic Association, American Homeless Association, New Jersey Nutrition Conference, addressing the importance of nutrition.

She practices Functional Nutrition in Walnut Creek, CA. She looks at each patient individually using the whole-body approach. She spends time analyzing nutritional imbalances using in-office stomach acidity testing and more invasive testings if needed. She creates individualized plans to restore and rebalance gut health and the body using diet & natural remedies.