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Tips for Teens by Teens

Kristin Avicolli, LCSW, shares some great tips for teens, written by a local student, to help teens combat the boredom that comes along with our Shelter in Place mandate.

Pets/siblings. Spend a little extra time with the people/animals you are stuck with!

Documentaries. Teens love watching TV, so why not make it educational TV? There are a lot of great documentaries online (Amazon and Netflix) about so many interesting things (nature, history, science).

Take a bath. Take time out of each day, all by yourself, and just relax. Quiet time can be helpful during this stressful time.

Dance! Since teens love to dance and the internet has lots of great dance apps, try dancing as a great way to stay active.

Online shopping/browsing. It’s always fun to browse around the internet and see all the cool things people are selling these days.

Self-care. Do a face mask, curl your hair, anything possible to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good!

Cleaning. Lots to clean! Clean your car, your room, around the house.

Hobbies. Spend time doing something you’ve always loved to do, but don’t usually have the free time to do on a regular day.

Hobbies, part 2. What’ is something new you’ve always wanted to try? Painting, sewing, playing an instrument, exercising?

Go outside! Take a walk around your neighborhood or go play in your front or back yard.

Do something with your parents. They love spending time with their kids! Go on a walk with them, try out a new activity, etc.

Reading. I bet there is lots of reading to catch-up on for school! Or start reading a book just because you want to!

Seek help! If you are still struggling, tell your caregiver and reach out to your therapist. See a therapist if you don’t have one as there are many video options for therapy and many talk and text crisis lines here for support.

California Youth Crisis Line – TEXTTEEN to 839863  CALL 1-800-843-5200

For Additional Links and Information, Visit our COVID-19 Resouces Page