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CLINICIANS IN THE COMMUNITY: Alan Brast, PhD, Volunteers Expertise and Shares Love of Music

Dr. Alan Brast, an emotional trauma specialist at Comprehensive Wellness, is a long-time resident and volunteer in our local community.

Dr. Brast regularly offers free community lectures through the John Muir Health system, providing valuable knowledge and sharing information that may otherwise be inaccessible. Attendees often approach him following his lectures to share that they are feeling more informed and at ease.

In addition to his lectures, Dr. Brast also plays guitar and sings for ill patients in the hospital—offering them both comfort and relaxation in what is a very difficult time. On one occasion, he tells the story of entering the room of an older woman, who was clearly in pain. As he began to play, he recalls, “I looked up and noticed tears pouring from her eyes. I immediately stopped and apologized… she said, “oh, no, please don’t stop, this is the first relief from this terrible pain I have had in over two weeks.”The immense sense of satisfaction—knowing that he is giving back and bringing joy to his community—is what drives him to continue his great work.

If you love to sing or play an instrument and would like to join Dr. Brast in his efforts, please email him at