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SPECIAL OFFER: Summer Energy Healing

Brighten Your Energy Field
and Bask in Your Inner Glow

Summer is the time when we tend to feel more active and energetic. Yet, we can also feel overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued when we are out of balance. We can easily become “overheated.”

During these summer healing sessions we will: 

  • rebalance and re-energize your life force energy 
  • support you in setting healthy boundaries 
  • align you with your inner strength and creative life goals
  • rejuvenate your mind and body for optimal health, harmony, and joy this season

Schedule your Summer energy healing session with Denise Arline, MA, and receive 25% discount through June 21st—Summer Solstice.

*Offer valid through June 21, 2019. Discount applied at the time of payment.

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Denise Arline, MA, is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Healing Master, and Holistic Life Coach. She holds a Masters Degree in Transformative Healing Arts from JFK University and advanced training in various healing modalities. With years of experience, Denise supports her patients in clearing blocks and restoring their natural energy flow and vitality.  This allows her patients to feel more empowered, energized and able to create positive change in all areas of their lives.

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