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Comprehensive Wellness
Membership Program

The ultimate personal medical resource
for you and your family.

The Comprehensive Wellness Membership is the ultimate personal medical resource for global families and others who desire a different kind of relationship with their physicians. This unique program offers patients the ability to select one of our primary care clinicians to provide their medical care throughout the year.

Our Philosophy

Our goal with the CW Membership is to better align incentives in healthcare between physician and patient. We believe that, if we work together, we can deliver more efficient, personalized care and provide the uncompromised advocacy that we believe all patients need in our current healthcare environment. If there are issues or obstacles that come up, please communicate with our team so that we can help address them to the best of our ability.

Get Started Today!

To learn more about the Comprehensive Wellness membership program options available, call our office at (925) 464-3916.