The Inner Critic and
Tackling “I am Not Enough”

“I recommend this workshop 100%. Dr. Mayo’s depth of knowledge on this topic makes it easy to understand and apply the learning right away. This lecture has changed the way I see myself and how I interact with my family. Everyone should have a chance to attend this workshop.

Mother of Three Teenagers

 If you attend one workshop this year, make it this one. Dr. Mayo tackles this most complex topic of “I am not enough” and the consequences of low self worth that have our youth suffering on the inside. Learn the root causes of inadequately esteemed individuals and become empowered with simple tools to implement right away.

Attendees can expect to:

  •  Define and deploy human happiness
  • Evaluating and decide the best approach to increase family well-being
  • Evaluate and respond to the inner critic and properly esteem your family
  • Apply protective factors to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Engage in difficult conversations peacefully for all involved
  • Accurately evaluate thoughts, behaviors, attitudes for ourselves and our family

2 hours, $125

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Meet our experts

Allyson Mayo, DBH

Dr. Allyson Mayo is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and an industry expert educating on how to prescribe Lifestyle Medicine to the root causes of maladaptive behaviors. Through a revolutionary approach of Behavioral Fitness, Dr. Mayo brings us all a much needed new approach to mental health. A professor at USF and county mental health representative, she is helping our communities become behaviorally fit.