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Improv for Social Change

A dynamic and exhilarating experience
of helping teams and people work and
collaborate better together


Interview Questions

What Are Interviewers
Really Asking?


Nutritional Planning


Art of Healing through
Nutrition & Aromatherapy





Providing Easier Access
to Care Everywhere


How Do We Message
Our Values?


The Inner Critic and
Tackling “I am Not Enough”


Navigating the
Current Healthcare System


are Contagious




Expanding Our Lens

Photography – A Self-Exploration Process


Expressive Arts

Evolving Our Perceptions
Through Experiential Art


Environmental Medicine

Achieving Optimal Health
in a Complex Environment


At Comprehensive Wellness, we have an ongoing commitment to wellness education in our community. We have developed a number of workshops that address wellness skill-building, movement, arts and culture, and education. Whether you are interested in a group workshop, a workshop customized to you and your family, or a presentation to address a particular issue with a larger group, contact us to learn more about these exciting programs.

Workshop Wednesdays

Our Workshop Wednesday program is a much-needed and new approach to finding ways to expand our minds and achieve our highest quality of life. Inspired by many of the most influential retreat settings throughout the world, these best in class events are offered right here in Walnut Creek, just miles outside of the San Francisco Bay. Our culturally diverse landscape has generated a bohemian culture that is craving to explore possibilities to expand consideration of how to achieve a life rich in meaning and purpose. These Wednesday events are curated with a thoughtful approach to blend art, psychology, education, and culture, that will meet the unsuspected needs of our community.

Driven by the consumer demand to stay creative, current, and grounded in the core principals of inclusivity, diversity, nature, and art, we maintain our social responsibility by offering these workshops to all segments of our community. We promise that there is something for everyone.

We take much of our lead from the youth of our community and one important social responsibility is to prioritize the use of recyclable products whenever possible, purchase supplies and services from socially responsible organizations, and leave no trace behind as a way to demonstrate our contribution of protecting the environments we occupy. One of our core values is to be a steward of our resources. We reserve a portion of our proceeds for in-kind services so that all of our community members may benefit from these remarkable programs.

It is with Peace that we bring this incredible offer of best-in-class workshops to our community.

Arts & Culture


  • Yoga In The Park
  • Opening Up to The Open Space
  • Tai Chi
  • Belly Dancing
  • Walking The Canal Trail
  • Walking The Iron Horse Trail
  • Heather Farms Loop


I have always wanted to experience something new and different to break out of my comfort zone. My sister gifted me the Expressive Arts Series and I literally can say that this has changed my life for the better. I am so much less critical of myself and the world around me. I will be paying it forward and gifting a Workshop Wednesday Series to my friend for her 50th this year.

Devin C., Working, single mother of two young adults