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Thank you Dr. Brast!

My experience with Dr. Brast was life altering.  My general practitioner referred me to him.  When in my twenties I had a very bad car accident. Now in my sixties, I have lived four decades with extreme fear of travel.  I virtually went nowhere that involved highways or bridges. I had just resigned myself to the idea that when having to travel, I would need to take medication.
After forty years and being introduced to Dr. Brast, I am finally able to travel highways and flying!!  It is life altering! I, for the first time, take in my surroundings when passenger and able to drive it, which would not have been possible before.
Dr. Brast is warm and comforting. He immediately made me comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Brast. He goes above and beyond. It’s an experience I will forever be greatful for.  Thank you Dr. Brast!