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Stronger and more stable than ever

My core and back feel stronger and more stable than ever, and I haven’t had any episodes of spasming since my evaluation with you last June.  I’ve certainly been very proactive in my recovery – religiously maintaining my Big 3 & walking/hiking/jogging routine, which I think has been key. So, I would say my case has definitely been a very successful one, and your evaluation was the critical first step for me – thank you!!!!

I felt you were definitely very thorough in walking me through all steps of the evaluation process. I still can’t believe that my knee-to-chest back stretches were a significant pain trigger for me! I was so addicted to my 2x a day knee-to-chest back stretches, and never thought I would actually THRIVE without them!  This was a huge “light bulb” for me, as was realizing that I had significant weakness in my core and key muscle groups that stabilize my back.  Going through the “big three” with you was a critical learning process for me…I’m grateful to you for this!

I’ve already shared my success story and information about the McGill Method and your evaluation with my girlfriend and her young adult daughter, who has some back issues and has been considering surgery.

Thank you, again, for getting me on the path to a healthy back – one I honestly thought would never be possible for me!

With Gratitude, Andrew