My body felt amazing

I started seeing Ann Udofia when the traditional physical therapist I was seeing explained to me at our 7th session that she could no longer treat me because everything she tried was not helping, and she didn’t know what else to do. Someone suggested I see Ann, who does myofascial release therapy. I cannot say enough great things about Ann. Having a hands-on physical therapy session with Ann, I began seeing real progress in my body. I realized how I might have had severe pain in one area, but my whole body was connected and had to be treated for the pain to get better. It made me wonder why more physical therapists weren’t hands-on. I’m not gonna lie, bodywork can be painful, but after my hour or two-hour session, my body felt amazing. Like it had been reset, and I was so agile. I am forever indebted to Ann. She is calm, cool, professional, kind, caring, and great at what she does.