Life Changing

Jeremiah Dees is more than a physical therapist or a personal trainer. Thanks to Jeremiah I am now virtually pain free and have freedom of movement that I haven’t had for many years. Before I started working with Jeremiah I could barely walk and other “specialists” (orthopedist, podiatrist, physical therapist) were unable to help me. My feet, shin and knee were in constant pain and I also had back pain due to severe scoliosis/spinal curve. Jeremiah very carefully evaluated my posture and coached me on how to walk/stand/move as correctly as possible within the limitations of my scoliosis. He also used Primal Reflex Release Technique to relieve my pain and help my body to heal and taught me exercises that I could do on my own to help me regain and retain control over my mobility and relieve my pain. If you have musculoskeletal pain, do yourself a favor and go see Jeremiah Dees.