I am so lucky!

Jeremiah, the Kinesiologist is amazing! He is a healer….he has forever changed my life!

First, a little back story… I was referred to Jeremiah through my primary, Dr. Parish in April of this year for neck, back and shoulder issues I was having. It’s been an ongoing health issue with mysterious symptoms. I’ve had MRI’s and blood work done and we couldn’t figure out exactly what the cause was. A few months later I was in Hawaii on vacation and the horrible symptoms came back…blurred vision, nausea, back and neck pain. As soon as I returned I spoke to Dr. Parish and she told me about Jeremiah, the Kinesiologist. At this point I was desperate I would try anything.

In summary I realized that an accident I suffered back more than 20 years ago played a huge part in what was going on with me. He’s been working with me and I am learning how to use my body properly all over again. He spends as much time as needed with you without a sense of rush. He treats and heals first and then he educates his patients about how to best care for themselves. He gives you a guideline….a plan in which to move forward. He is a gifted Kinesiologist, body work specialist who also studied biomechanics with substantial knowledge of how movement, exercise, mind work, individually and collectively, can help heal issues and maintain overall good health. I am the best I’ve ever been in my early 40’s now with 2 little ones and I have Jeremiah to thank .

Thank you Jeremiah…you’re a pleasure to know, and one of a kind!!

Lastly, the staff here are so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Parish and her team.