Excellent resources

Thanks so much for what you do for me along with your team.  Can’t tell you what Allyson has done for me.  And I was totally skeptical of meeting with (yet another) nutritionist but Sahar totally gets it.  She didn’t start with all the things I need to take away.  Just started with some ways I can get more protein in and limit some sugar.  Very do-able.

I left your office the other day feeling so hopeful about the future.  When I talked to you about the depression I was kind of at the end of it but just recognizing what had happened.  After working with Allyson I am beginning to understand what the triggers are and how to avoid.  This is not totally new to me but presented in a way I can act on.

Makes me very hopeful that as I define my health as a value I am learning to protect it in a variety of ways.  You have pulled together some excellent resources in your office and I’m ok with needing my village.  I’m worth it and am ever so grateful.  Thanks.