Dr. Shalev embodies everything I

Dr. Shalev embodies everything I shopped around far and wide for: a healer who is both analytical and artful, capable of listening and connecting on a deep individual level with patience, empathy and zero judgement. Her calm reassuring presence takes me out of fear-based decisions when feeling unwell, and into a willingness to collaboratively experiment. She methodically and systematically relieved my presenting symptoms early on, showing an uncanny ability to recognize and confirm disease patterns right away. Her inquisitiveness is also tempered by caution and sensitivity regarding costs and medically unnecessary tests or risky treatments. She does not jump to conclusions, or make short-sighted solutions. She takes the long, deep view, carefully listening and responding to the evolution of my symptoms, using low cost, low risk treatments for addressing the underlying causes of my disease. Dr Shalev is generous with her time in and out of appointments, explains things thoroughly, and is easily accessible via email and text. This level of care does not come without significant appointment costs! But it is well worth the investment, given how much better I feel already, and without the long term complications of pharmaceutical fixes that do nothing to address the underlying causes. I highly recommend Dr. Shalev for unraveling complex health issues!