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Dr. Brast is amazing! Who knew what medical hypnosis could do?!

When I came to see Dr. Brast, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I have read about the efficacy of medical hypnosis and had grown tired of “beating my head” again the same wall when it comes to trying to change behavior and improve habits. He went over what to expect with medical hypnosis and how it works, asked insightful questions about my goals, and totally blew me away during our session. I noted a change in mood, cravings and attitude after just one visit. I really appreciated how he explained the science behind medical hypnosis and how it is now being used in the treatment of many medical conditions, in anesthesia with surgeries, and more. I wish more people knew about this great option to deal with a whole myriad of health issues! I will definitely be back – Dr. Brast is truly a gifted and caring clinician.