Live your best life.

Achieve mental, emotional,
spiritual and physical health.


Be the best version
of yourself.

A whole new approach to behavioral
and emotional well-being.


Behavioral fitness is a new approach to our overall well-being. Based on Lifestyle Medicine, our team at Comprehensive Wellness is educating patients about the importance of being our best self.  Doing so is not only critical to our own happiness, but a social responsibility to understand ourselves so that we may better understand the world around us. Through education, art, music, nature, trust, and building connection to our communities, we are developing a culture of emotional well-being.

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Why Behavioral Fitness?

Time for a change in thinking.

At times, many of us experience anxiety, depression, addiction, and loneliness—both with our youth, families, and aging adults. Current times beg for a new approach to help us achieve emotional well-being.

The time is NOW to help ourselves so that we can help others. We understand that practical skills are needed to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Invest in yourself as we shift into a culture that recognizes how important emotional intelligence is to a peaceful life and how this knowledge can have a positive ripple effect on our loved ones and our community.

What is Behavioral Fitness?

Helping you, help yourself.

Behavioral Fitness can help you help yourself! We use proven techniques that are personalized for you or your organization in workshops, individual, and group settings so you can make and sustain behaviors to achieve your life goals.

These techniques can also help you manage very difficult situations—such as a child experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress, sadness, or “I am not enough.” The pain we experience as parents in these situations is not enough to help our children, but the tools we teach you to use can.

The Details.

How it works. What to Expect. Goals.

How it works.

Engage in mission specific, in-person workshops facilitated by Dr. Allyson Mayo, a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH). Dr. Mayo has years of experience working with all age ranges in a variety of situations. It does not matter how small or big you think the problem is, she can help in a supportive, caring, non-judgmental, and whole-person approach.  Result: Quick action in the changes you desire to improve your life.

What to expect.

An educational experience designed to shift your thinking into new thought patterns—away from unconscious “resistant to change” to “I can, so I will.” Once we identify patterns of behavior, together we assemble new techniques that can be applied immediately to produce better outcomes. A simple, insightful approach designed by people who experience the same daily challenges. We know how to help when partnering with you.

  • Assessments based on your situation
  • Tools for personal growth and overall health
  • Workshops to help you practice new skills in a safe setting
  • Personal 1:1 support by Dr. Mayo to keep you on track when using new skills in “real” life


Everything you need is already inside you. Together, we can help you evolve to achieve a more peaceful life for you and those around you.

Questions to ask.

How to decide if Behavioral Fitness is right for you.

Do you want to make positive changes in your life?

Are you ready to make these changes?

Are you the parent of a child experiencing symptoms of depression?

Are you a parent of a child experiencing anxiety?

Are you curious how much you can make your life change?

Do you want to be empowered to help yourself?

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

Is it time to be better so you can do better for those around you?

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