Providing Easier Access
to Care Everywhere

Comprehensive Wellness is dedicated to the PEACE Project™—Providing Easier Access to Care Everywhere. Founded by Dr. Allyson Mayo, in collaboration with The Smith Family Foundation (of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics), we are expanding our definitions of both easier access and care. The work with PEACE™ has revolutionized how communities and individuals can gain access to resources right away to engage in what works best for their personal lifestyle and quality of life goals. The collaborative nature of this work leads to an integrated care coalition that exceeds the expectations of those we serve. This is the epic model of Value-Based Care, clients define the care and determine the value as they experience the services and engagement. 

Thankfully through the use of technology and expansive considerations of what care could look like, we are now capable of providing new service delivery options for people who are seeking to engage in resources to improve their capability to navigate through life more peacefully. 

  • Walk Therapy
  • Coffee Counseling
  • Sustainability Planning (Recovery aftercare planning)
  • Designing A Stay-at-Home Recovery Plan for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Theater and Dance
  • Pet Therapy
  • Monthly subscriptions to skill-building workshops and follow up access to texting, Face Time, and Video Calls to provide in-the-moment experiential skills development
  • Drumming / Music Therapy
  • Art and Soul Collage
  • Poetry and Writing

Meet our experts

Allyson Mayo, DBH

Dr. Allyson Mayo is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and an industry expert educating on how to prescribe Lifestyle Medicine to the root causes of maladaptive behaviors. Through a revolutionary approach of Behavioral Fitness, Dr. Mayo brings us all a much needed new approach to mental health. A professor at USF and county mental health representative, she is helping our communities become behaviorally fit.