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Ensuring that you have access to the tools you need to live your best life; inclusive of joy, purpose and meaning is a top priority for all of us at Comprehensive Wellness.  Our team of wellness professionals has developed workshops, programs, and community support groups to help you engage in new thinking in how best to achieve the quality of life you desire.  We work collaboratively to create programs that meets your lifestyle.  We want to help you achieve a more fulfilling life inclusive of increased joy, meaningful relationships, and personal achievements.

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At Comprehensive Wellness, we have an ongoing commitment to wellness education in our community. We have developed a number of workshops and presentations that address a variety of topics in many of our specialty areas. Whether you are interested in a group workshop, a workshop customized to you and your family, or a presentation to address a particular issue with a larger group, contact us to learn more about these exciting programs.

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Building upon our workshops, Comprehensive Wellness offers a series of multi-disciplinary Behavioral Fitness™ programs designed to improve your well-being. Attendees are grouped into cohorts with similar goals and objectives for these six-week programs.

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Community Support Groups

Comprehensive Wellness offers a series of community support groups, designed to connect you—with others facing similar challenges—and the experts who can help you improve your well-being.

Our 90-minute weekly community support groups are facilitated by a qualified professional and aim to guide meaningful discussions driven by the needs of the group. A monthly professional speaker series is included in these dynamic group sessions.

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