Comprehensive Wellness is your expert source for cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery in the East Bay. We offer our patients a board-certified dermatologist on staff and collaborate closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon to provide our patients with experienced, highly-trained professional care, whether a consultation, surgical procedure, post-op visit, or any of the latest treatments for the skin.

Medical Dermatology

Addressing all of your skincare needs.

With a board-certified dermatologist on staff, Comprehensive Wellness is able to offer our patients a full range of dermatology skin care treatments, including prescribing acne treatment, addressing moles and skin abnormalities, identifying and treating skin cancer, and a performing comprehensive array of aesthetic medicine procedures.

Plastic Surgery

Enhancing and restoring your natural beauty.

Comprehensive Wellness collaborates closely with board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Wotowic, FACS  and Dr. Seth Eberlin to support our patient’s plastic surgery needs.  We believe that optimal results are obtained when well-informed patients actively participate in a surgical plan which is then deftly performed and carefully managed throughout the post-operative recovery period. Consultations are conducted with an emphasis on retaining or restoring function and form realizing that truly optimal outcomes achieve balance and symmetry while always recognizing nuances of individual proportion and body type. Whether it is cosmetic enhancement or restoration of function and form following injury or prior surgery, treatment begins with a detailed personal interview and physical examination. After reviewing all pertinent records including lab tests, prior photographs, and scans, a detailed plan of management is presented to the patient and their family.