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Doctors Answer® Lite

A unique 25-week weight-loss program.

Comprehensive Wellness proud to offer our patients a time-tested program—Doctors Answer® Lite—to promote sustainable, long-term weight loss. Unlike other quick-fix programs, this medically-supervised 25-week program combines in-person educational group meetings with a modified fast/nutritional shake protocol. Doctors Answer® Lite encourages patients to safely lose unwanted weight—and keep it off!

About Doctors Answer® Lite

A unique 25-week weight-loss program.

The Doctors Answer® Lite program includes 25 weekly in-person structured group meetings that are educational in nature and designed to help patients understand why they have previously been unable to keep weight off.

Rather than a full fast, patients are on a 1000-calorie per day meal plan that includes three metabolic nutrition supplement shakes and one 600-calorie meal.  Available in both chocolate and vanilla flavor, the supplement shakes consist of a well-balanced, high-quality protein, carbohydrate, and fat mixture, with added vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to provide 100% of the body’s nutritional needs.

Patients learn valuable weight management skills while they are losing weight under the direction of an experienced medical professional.

Doctors Answer® Lite is….

  • Not a magic pill, quick fix, or fad diet. It is a modified fast with three metabolic nutrition shakes and one healthy, well-balanced meal per day.
  • A unique psychological approach. 25-week course helps patients learn the reasons behind yo-yo dieting and what to do about it.
  • A supportive group dynamic. Weekly group meetings with other participants and group leader creates safe environment for self-discovery.
  • A comprehensive program. The shakes, lessons and group combine to create a powerfully transformative experience.
  • A safe way to rapidly lose weight. No appetite suppressants, no shots, no gimmicks. Just natural weight loss done in a healthy way.
  • Not a new program. Doctors Answer® Lite has been successfully helping people lose weight for over seven years.
  • Not difficult. The modified fast is easy to do, the shakes are delicious, and the meetings are fun and engaging.
  • Not expensive. Participation costs are kept intentionally low to allow more people to benefit from this amazing program.

History of the Program

Learn how Doctors Answer® began.

Over 30 Years of Success

The Doctors Answer® Programs have their beginning in clinical research performed at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in the early 1980s. Doctors were working with a group of hospital patients with type 2 diabetes who were referred to as the “300 Club” because they all weighed over 300 pounds and all had cholesterol and blood sugar readings over 300.

The Discovery

While in the hospital under medical supervision, “300 Club” patients were put on a very low-calorie protein sparing (i.e., conserving muscle tissue) liquid fast. The doctors discovered 80–85% of these patients experienced a complete end to their insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes within 3-4 weeks.

The doctors also noted other positive health changes, such as: lowered cholesterol and blood pressure; lessening of hip, knee and back pain; reduction or elimination of GERD, snoring, sleep apnea; and improved cardiovascular functioning.

The Right Balance 

The key was finding just the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements to keep the body healthy and running smoothly while receiving a very limited number of calories.

The result of this work was the basis for the MNP Supplement formulation used in all the Doctors Answer Programs.

The Next Step

One of the “300 Club” clinical researchers, a board-certified endocrinologist specializing in metabolic diseases, decided to bring the protein sparing fasting model into his private practice as a new resource. His overweight patients not only rapidly and safely lost weight but also experienced health benefits similar to those of patients in the research study.

The endocrinologist was very pleased with the improvements in the health of his patients. However, over time he noted that many tended to put weight back on. Obviously, there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

The Missing Piece

Doctors Answer®® consulted with a PhD in clinical psychology with over twenty-five years’ experience treating the psychological reasons behind obesity. This clinical psychologist provided the unique insight and understanding which is now the foundation for the psychological component of the Doctors Answer® Programs.

Together, these two doctors (the endocrinologist and the clinical psychologist) designed an innovative and effective program. The Doctors Answer® Programs available today are their answer – the Doctors Answer® – to treating the problem of obesity.

The “Lighter” Option

Doctors Answer® Lite is the “lighter” modified-fasting version of the original full fasting program. It has the same shakes for the modified fast, same psychological insights for the course lessons, and the same group dynamic for personal discovery and transformation.