Whole body health

Wherever your pain,
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At Comprehensive Wellness we address your whole body as part of your well-being. Our team works together to maximize your care all under one roof. Using techniques including myofascial release, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and pelvic health physical therapy, we address acute and chronic joint, muscle, and tendon pain issues with our dedicated team of specialists. Whether you suffer from neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, spine, hip, pelvis, knee, ankle, or foot pain, we can help you! 

Physical Therapy/Chiropractic

At Comprehensive Wellness, we believe in evaluating and treating patients as a whole body to relieve pain, to restore function, and with the goal to return to activity. Our therapists treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including spinal dysfunctions leading to neck, mid-back/ribcage, low back, and pelvic pain; upper and lower extremity sprains, strains, and joint dysfunctions; TMJ dysfunction and headaches; post-concussion care; sports-related injuries; visceral (organ) restrictions and pain; and nerve irritations.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain, like neck or back pain, can be caused by poor posture, accidents, falls, emotional trauma, surgeries, and disease. It can significantly impact a person’s life and function and can be crippling to the mind, body, and spirit. This is why it is extremely important to address these conditions holistically.

We utilize advanced manual therapy techniques like Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes), cranio-sacral therapy and visceral manipulation to effectively treat persistent pain, release blocked emotional tension, and improving postural and functionality in the body.

Sports Injury Rehab & Wellness

Sports-related injuries can be caused by poor training practices, improper equipment, flawed techniques, or accidents. The most common treatment options are over-the-counter medication, rehabilitation to focus on strengthening, and even surgery if the injury is severe. However, despite these interventions, many people will often complain that medications are only a temporary fix, and the level of pain or swelling with general rehabilitation still poses a problem with attempts to return to exercise.

We understand the nature of sports and athletic-related injuries. This is why we work very closely with our patient’s physicians and their rehabilitation team to provide adjunct hands-on care to ensure a safe return to exercise and sports participation.

Pre- and Post-Partum Rehabilitation

During pregnancy and in the post-partum phase, changes in the hormonal levels, the alignment of the pregnant person (and fetus), and the birthing process itself can potentially cause muscle, joint, nerve, bladder and bowel problems. Our goals for treatment during pregnancy and postpartum is to improve fetal and parent alignment to allow for greater ease with labor and delivery, and help accelerate the new parent’s recovery after childbirth.

Female Pelvic Health

We specialize in the treatment of the following conditions specific to women (see below for men): urogynecological, sexual, and colo-rectal problems, pre-and post-pregnancy difficulties, and chronic abdominal and pelvic pain syndromes.

With advanced training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, we can help to normalize the myofascial tissue texture around the body, promote pelvic alignment, and restore normal functioning in the organs of the abdomino-pelvic area.

Male Pelvic Health

We treat conditions that are specific to the health of male urological and sexual function. For men, fascial restrictions in the pelvic floor and pelvic girdle can cause sexual dysfunction, difficulty with urination, or pelvic pain. Fascial restrictions in the male pelvis are often caused by poor postural alignment or scarring from abdominal or pelvic surgeries.

We will help to reduce adhered scar tissue restrictions, and will also help to improve flexibility and normalize function to the urinary and reproductive systems

Gender Inclusive Pelvic Health

We are a practice dedicated to inclusive rehabilitation for patients across the gender spectrum. We’ve achieved this status through constant education and a close working partnership with other gender-inclusive practices.


Comprehensive Wellness treats all types of musculoskeletal injuries and pain in the musculoskeletal system, including the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons to name a few.  We specialize in the treatment of various bone and joint musculoskeletal disease.