A healthy you

We provide personalized nutrition
and lifestyle plans to support you on
your journey to optimal health.

As we learn more about health and longevity, the data has never been clearer that feeling good today and in the future depends on what we eat and how much we move. Understanding the principles of nutrition and exercise helps patients maintain a healthy body weight, lower the risk of serious health problems, and manage the symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions.

Comprehensive Wellness, an all-inclusive wellness center, provides unique and individualized lifestyle and nutrition services designed to balance one’s hormones and metabolism in order to prevent and reverse chronic medical problems.

Testing and Evaluation

The Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition and Weight Management Program offers cutting edge metabolic and body composition testing that allows us to accurately tailor our program to each patient’s unique situation.  This includes: Bio-Impedance body fat and muscle mass evaluation, 3-D digital posture and body measurements, expanded cholesterol and metabolic blood testing, ECG exercise stress testing, and resting-metabolic rate measurement.

1:1 Consultation

Our Nutrition and Weight Management Program provides Medical Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition consulting for all ages. Nutrition and Weight Management is not “one size fits all”. Certain nutrition strategies are better for specific individuals.  We consider current medical conditions, family history, and short and long-term weight goals when designing each patient’s program.

Workshops & Classes

There is ample conflicting information available about nutrition, exercise and weight loss.  Many of the things we have always been taught are not based on hard evidence and are entirely incorrect.  We offer a wide variety of workshops and classes to help patients separate fact from fiction.  Topics include: Managing Your Metabolism, High-yield Exercise, Curbing Cravings, Bone Health, Reducing Inflammation and more.

Family, Teens, & Children

Excess body weight in childhood and adolescence promotes increased risk of obesity and diabetes in adulthood.  By recognizing and addressing unhealthy weight early, we give our children the best opportunity to avoid associated health and self-image problems later in life.

Nutritionists at Comprehensive Wellness that specialize in children and adolescents can design nutrition programs for the entire family.

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