Behaviorally Fit™

For the first time in years, our daughter has told us that she feels more understood and supported by us than ever before. Our family has not felt this much joy and freedom from stress in a really long time. This 6-week program should be required for all parents.

Arie S., Father of three
Lafayette, CA

Are you curious about how to improve your daily interactions?

Have you searched online for advice about “how to help my child…”?

Do your family disagreements center on the same few things?

Are you concerned about your child’s emotional well-being?

Do you want more information about navigating outside influences on your family life (technology, vaping, social norms and expectations)?

Are you wondering how things like Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, and Lifestyle Medicine might benefit you or your family?

Families in the Bay Area are searching for solutions on how to reach their full potential and achieve their quality of life goals. Our Contra Costa County reports have revealed that our community’s top concern right now is emotional and behavioral well-being. Take advantage of these valuable resources to help your family become behaviorally fit.

Take a crucial step toward well-being for your family. Learn the behaviors necessary—and implementation methods—to achieve your quality of life goals. This unique program provides the tools to get us where we want to be—happy and enjoying our lives. We address family dynamics, strategies to achieve your goals, and tools to interact better.

Participants can expect to:

  • Recognize root causes of family stress and your children’s anxious and depressive symptoms
  • Implement successful solutions for many of the most difficult problems facing parents today: screen time, vaping, academics, social adjustments, and “I am not enough”
  • Quickly assess situations adequately, evaluate and determine the best approach for successful collaboration from all involved
  • Gain a working knowledge of how to be a behaviorally fit parent and raise behaviorally fit children
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Meet our experts

Allyson Mayo, DBH

Dr. Allyson Mayo is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and an industry expert educating on how to prescribe Lifestyle Medicine to the root causes of maladaptive behaviors. Through a revolutionary approach of Behavioral Fitness, Dr. Mayo brings us all a much needed new approach to mental health. A professor at USF and county mental health representative, she is helping our communities become behaviorally fit.