Meet Patricia Geraghty, FNP, WHNP

By October 21, 2019October 24th, 2019Featured Clinician, Women's Health

At Comprehensive Wellness, we enjoy working with a diverse team of clinicians to bring our patients the most comprehensive care in the area. Over the course of the next few months, we will be introducing you to each member of our clinical staff to share with you, our patients, more of what makes us love what we do.

Meet Patricia Geraghty, FNP, WHNP

What is your current role at Comprehensive Wellness and how long have you held it?

I am the Director of Women’s Health and Coordinator of our Chronic Pelvic Pain program. I’ve been with Comprehensive Wellness for three years.

What do you like best about your role?

I’m passionate about women’s health. Women often put themselves last on the list of priorities when it comes to health care. I love being part of the team that puts them first!

What drew you to your current role?

My first advanced nursing degree was in Women’s Health, followed by a Family Nurse Practitioner degree. Even though I was a full-time professor in charge of a Family program, I always go back to women’s health. If you take care of the women, you care for the whole community.

What about Comprehensive Wellness drew you to join our practice? What do you feel makes Comprehensive Wellness special?

At Comprehensive Wellness, I have the time to really know my patients and to individualize their care. Many women come to see me with challenges that have affected their lives for years, issues from difficult menopause, to heavy bleeding, to pain. I have the knowledge and time to explain what is going on. This understanding makes treatment so much more effective. My patient and I work as a team.

Tell us a bit about yourself—something we might not know.

I’m a native of the East Bay. Although I left for a stint at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland, I was smart enough to come back to this beautiful area and have been here since, attending UCSF for graduate school. I love being part of this community, volunteering at my kids’ schools back in the day and now volunteering at Rotacare Clinic, caring for women with no other access to healthcare. I’m bilingual Spanish/English and that’s very useful at Rotacare. My husband and I love hiking together. We plan walking our second Camino de Santiago in northern Spain next spring. I have two sons, a theologian and a Navy pilot, and they each have sons of their own!